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Teachers are the torchbearers of change. They are the ones who remove the darkness of ignorance and help their students to achieve knowledge. Every day, they create an atmosphere where children can explore their capabilities and hone their talent. They create a whole new world with the wonders of Science and the majesty of Mathematics. They guide students to appreciate the beauty of Arts and Language along with the goodness of humanities.

At VIBGYOR Group of Schools, our teachers help build a strong foundation, where students aspire to achieve greater heights. Our teachers make students believe in themselves and are constantly working towards imparting knowledge to students to make them more mature, talented individuals so that they can become citizens of the world.

Our teachers are here to make a difference!

Do you see yourself being a part of this dynamic world? Come, let’s talk!


Life at VIBGYOR Group of Schools is a mix of fun, learning and growth. With events like Viva, VIBGYORMUN, Arts and Sport Education, creativity and knowledge go hand-in-hand. On the whole, there is never a dull moment in VIBGYOR Group of Schools. We are sure you will only add to the colours @ VIBGYOR Group of Schools.


Choose a career path that lets you be the Changemaker! At VIBGYOR Group of Schools, we allow you to join a community of teachers who not only impart classroom knowledge but also inspire and mentor future entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policymakers and activists, and so on.

Learning and Career Enhancement

  • TNI: Talent Need Identification Sessions/Workshops
  • Teacher Training
  • Internal Job Promotions
  • Be a part of illustrious clubs and programmes under V-EMBARK
  • Participate in VIBGYOR Model United Nations
  • Interact with eminent authors as a part of VIBGYOR Greader’s Club
  • Participate in social causes and several social engagement activities through VSSRC
  • Go on nature trails with VNC – VIBGYOR Nature Club
  • Travel overseas and interact with Teachers and students of overseas schools as a part of EUMIND (Europe Meets India) and STEP (Student Teacher Exchange Programme)
I am a proud VIBGYORite

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At VIBGYOR we believe, in meeting the professional expectations of our employees as well as giving them a career path that helps meet their aspirations. With our vision to create and nurture the hidden potential of each child and make them leaders for tomorrow, we envision developing "Teachers that create future Leaders".

We at VIBGYOR provide unending possibilities of growth to our employees and recognize the importance of continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities. We are committed to evolving our approach and methodologies to meet global standards of education.

VIBGYOR by its virtue and foundation brings across the highest standards of values, integrity and ethics in its people and work functions which is a benchmark across the industry.

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