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The Nobel Prize Teacher Summit is an annual event that brings together teachers from around the world in Stockholm, Sweden. This is to share best practices in science education and explore new approaches to teaching science.

At the summit, teachers had the opportunity to learn from Nobel laureates, educators, and experts in science education. The aim of the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit is to inspire and empower teachers to bring science education to life for their students, help them develop critical thinking skills, and inculcate a passion for learning.

It was indeed worthwhile that an educator from VIBGYOR High was provided with the opportunity to attend the same.

It is this iconic summit that has made the collaboration between the VIBGYOR Group of Schools and The Climate Academy, Brussels Belgium possible!

Mr Matthew Pye, Founder of the Climate Academy launched Asia’s first Climate Academy on 17 April 2023 in the Flagship school of VIBGYOR Group, VIBGYOR High, Goregaon (west), Mumbai. It was a spectacular launch, watched online by hundreds of viewers along with our international partner schools from France, and the Netherlands, educators from the Nobel Prize Museum, Stockholm, and members from the Swedish Consulate General’s office.

Currently, Climate Academy is running in 7 countries in Europe.

The climate crisis is systemic.

We need to move away from the traditional approach of teaching about the environment and begin to teach our learners/students to follow a systems-informed approach. This means that learning about the environment is not just about recycling or clean energy, but about understanding how climate change will affect all levels of society, including our economies, cultures, food production, and more. Our learners/students will be trained through rigorous coursework and activities, in order to become more impactful individuals and develop 21st-century skills. On completing the course, learners/students will be awarded certificates accredited by the European School System.

Interview of

Mr. Matthew Pye and Mr. Shim Mathew

We're pleased to share that the insightful interview of Mr. Matthew Pye and Mr. Shim Mathew with Sustainability Next has been featured in their May edition. The story delves into their profound insights on the pivotal role of schools, teachers, and students in addressing the pressing climate crisis. It also highlights the urgent need for curriculum revision, advocating for the inclusion of sustainability and climate change not just in textbooks, but also as interactive modules fostering experiential learning. View Article

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The future looks brighter as Asia's First Climate Academy has been successfully launched at VIBGYOR High, Goregaon, Mumbai. 🎉🙌

Join us on a journey towards a sustainable future with insightful and engaging training sessions, hands-on projects, and committed actions. This will equip our students, teachers and parents community with the knowledge and skills to positively impact our climate and planet. 🌿🌎

Let's work together towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow!


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