New Sense of Responsibility


My child got the opportunity to be the part of the student exchange programme earlier this month and Maud from Netherlands t’Atrium stayed with us. My reflections on the experience on how the entire programme went are as follows:

First of the concept and the structure, I see it was very well planned. The details of our guest’s hobbies, interests and contact details were exchanged. This was good and ensured that we as a family had an idea of the guest and what to expect. We were also able to plan a comfortable stay for her.

In such programmes it is essential to ensure the child has a real, positive experience and a fruitful experience. Second thing worth mention is the encouragement and support provided to the participating students before as well as during the programme. They missed some classes yet all the teachers ensured that they do not miss on studies and tests.

Now coming to the learning part of the programme, it was beyond expectations. The learning was not only for the child but the sibling and the entire family as well. My kids got used to sharing their space, making space for somebody not known to them. Next was the learning about the culture and acceptance of diverse perspectives. They developed an appreciation and learnt that it is easy to be so different (in looks, physical features, food, habits, culture) yet be so similar when coming to laughing and having fun together.

Children also realised that the guest child is away from home, yet handling everything in a cool manner without panicking.  I can see a new sense of responsibility in my children. This exposure is something very important to them, learning to respect others and being tolerant as well as dealing with them.

Overall a great experience. Thank you to entire staff at VIBGYOR, and especially school for encouragement and support.

– Abha
Mother of Veda Gupta, Grade IX
VIBGYOR High, Marathahalli