There Is Always a First Time

I got up in the morning with an unexpected flutter in my tummy. The first day of AS Level, the new chapter in my life after the gargantuan ICSE board examinations. Oddly, my mind was a tabula rasa. I wondered who my classmates would be. I felt apprehensive; a little clueless. I changed my T-shirt at least four times, confused. My thoughts were all jumbled up and though I disliked admitting it, I felt nervous - a feeling that was completely new to me. I walked into the school building. Familiar turf, comforting. It was now beginning to feel like... Read More

Just Another Story

In the background, there was an awful commotion, men’s raised voices and women screaming. There was a deafening sound, a gunshot. I was used to all this from my days in the military. I turned in time to see a figure dart towards a balcony of a theatre. On the ground, there was blood but I paid no attention. I took off after the fleeing stranger. I am Jacob Coulter, an army general and the first thought that crossed my mind was to give chase. I followed him up to the balcony. On reaching the balcony, I saw the killer... Read More

How Much a Dollar Cost

In Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 Grammy award winning album, ‘To Pimp a Butterfly,’ there is a track, ‘How Much a Dollar Cost’ which provides a commentary on our society and morality. The track begins with Kendrick rapping about a beggar who approached him, while he was filling up the tank of his luxury car. The beggar asked Kendrick for a dollar, but Kendrick refused knowing that the man would use it to obtain illegal substances. The beggar says to him, “My son, temptation is one thing that I've defeated, listen to me, I want a single bill from you.” The beggar... Read More

Economic Progress or Sustainable Prosperity?

Economic growth refers to a rise in the GDP of the country, such as due to a rise in production of goods and services in the economy or maybe due to an increase in employment in the country. Sustainable prosperity would mean operating in such a way that lives of future generations are not put on the line and that measures to conserve the environment are taken. One of the fastest growing economies, a market for the future, and an example of economic progress are some of the phrases India is addressed by. However, what is not mentioned is that... Read More

Is banning plastic the best solution?

Over the years, we have been so selfish - destroying the planet and not thinking about the future generation. From wasting water to using harmful fuels, we have done it all, but the use of plastic might be the most heinous crime yet. Fortunately, the Government has contrived a movement for the betterment of the planet. The “Ban the Bag” movement has compelled all Mumbaikars to discard all plastics and refrain from using them. However, not everybody can see the good in this movement, can you? It is scientifically proven that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the... Read More

Let Us Build Bridges

As an educationist any aspect of change in the teacher student relationship impacts me deeply and leads me to introspect and reflect on my role in modern day India. We have long been proud of our traditional methods of education and such hallowed relationships like the one between the teacher and the learner (the guru and the shishya) have been seen as sacrosanct. Recently there have been many instances which portray this beautiful relationship in a new light - not always positive. Are these rare incidences or do they symbolise the deep chasm that seems to have developed between the tutor and the... Read More