A 12-point School Selection Checklist

Education, especially school education, has changed radically in the last decade. With the inundation of digital technology, and the inception of policy reforms (especially the National Education Policy – NEP 2020), awareness about quality education is at the forefront. The notable aspects to focus on are: emphasis on skill and entrepreneurship education, changes in assessment methods, focus on inclusive education, and rise in global exchange programmes. While there is so much written and spoken about the ever-evolving best education practices, in this age of information overload, there is considerable and understandable confusion among parents on how to decide which school... Read More

Embracing Holistic Education: Going Beyond Exam Scores at VIBGYOR

Aligning with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020's vision of a holistic learning experience, the educational landscape is undergoing a significant shift. Gone are the days of solely focusing on exam scores or marks.  VIBGYOR Group of Schools is at the forefront of this exciting change, championing a holistic education model that empowers students to thrive well beyond the test. Looking Beyond the Test: A Spectrum of Success At VIBGYOR, we understand that academic achievement is critical but not the only piece of the complex puzzle of world ready citizens in the 21st century. While strong academic performance remains valuable,... Read More

Impacting Academic Excellence in Schools

The VIBGYOR Edge As the VIBGYOR Group of Schools marks its 20th anniversary, we reflect on an incredible journey of growth, innovation, and excellence. Over the past two decades, we have consciously, conscientiously, and ceaselessly endeavoured to provide quality education and redefine the landscape of education. The VIBGYOR Edge, our unique approach to learning, sets us apart from other academic institutions. The VIBGYOR Edge: What Makes Us Unique Drawing inspiration from our name, which reflects the colours of the rainbow, the VIBGYOR Edge embodies a spectrum of educational experiences designed to nurture well-rounded individuals. Here are some key aspects that... Read More

What to Expect When You Are Attending VIBGYORMUN

Come June, and we have more than 500 students across India and abroad keenly awaiting ‘VIBGYORMUN’.  The three days of highly stimulated debate sessions are soaked with vigour and vivacity. This is an arena to voice your opinions, pass resolutions, formulate policies and make new friends, respect difference in opinions and appreciate similarity in thoughts and ideologies. The newest generation is well seeded with knowledge, layered with reassurances from their peers and mentors. The plethora of information they possess finds a channel through VIBGYORMUN, to express themselves via debates, discussions, deliberations and denials. Year on year, we have witnessed  VIBGYORMUN... Read More

Innovative Formative Assessments at VIBGYOR

Formative Assessments are conducted in all schools worldwide to gain an understanding of the learners’ progress over the academic year. They also enable teachers to implement their classroom methodologies and strategies better. These assessments can be both quantitative as well as qualitative. We are also highly concerned about creating and supporting a culture of mindfulness and community service through some of our innovative formative appraisal endeavours. Here are some examples of quantitative assessments: Cyclic/Scheduled Timed Tests with MCQs, Objective Questions from the Textbooks Subjective Questions based on the Textual Portion Vivas based on the syllabus content These are a few... Read More

And the Winner is….

The outstanding performances of the VIBGYOR students reflected in the recently declared CISCE and CAIE Board Exam Results are certainly a cause for rejoicing and celebration. They are a testimony to the stupendous hardwork and diligence of our students and the academic and support staff as well as the continuous efforts of the other stake holders -- the parents and the management. It is a pleasure to know that students are being nurtured in a caring environment which facilitates them to aim for the highest academic achievements. However, we, at the VIBGYOR Group of Schools, have always looked at our... Read More