Good Parenting

Being the ‘Good’ parent is not so difficult, after all! From the moment we become parents, we are constantly under pressure to attain the much coveted ‘Good Parent’ title. An idealistic unmeasurable concept that only exists as a notion in our own heads; whose measurement parameters are in the hands of every human we interact – known or stranger. In many ways our parenting journey is like the Aesop's fable ‘The Man, His Son and The Donkey’. In our case, the donkey being our parenting style. So, whichever way we lead our donkey we are bound to attract criticism. Here... Read More


Codependency is characterised by emotional dependencies in a relationship, to an extent that the giving is one-sided and so excessive that it hurts the giver. Codependency begins early with parents passing it unknowingly, despite best intentions. How? By being a super parent! You believe you know the best for your child and so it is you who will decide all aspects of your child's life - right from planning her food to choice of friends, when to eat and what to wear, which hobby to choose and which colours look good. As they grow older they are likely to seek out relationships... Read More

Yeh Dil Maange More….

VIBGYOR High Marathahalli gave us a fantastic opportunity to host one of the Dutch students for one week. Initially even the thought of accepting a foreign student was a bit scary. Concerns, concerns - Will she be comfortable, what will she eat, what if she feels home sick, and would we be good hosts? Eventually, we set all the worries aside and embraced the adventurous route. Nevertheless, it was rewarding. Not just us as host family, I am sure each of the participants had a truly rewarding experience from this student exchange programme and it will have an everlasting long-term... Read More

Making a Difference!

Plastic has almost been declared the No. 1 enemy of Planet Earth. Plastic bags and bottles are on the endangered list of commodities in India with Maharashtra set to enforce a ban on certain types of plastic following the example of 17 other states. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have been watchwords from decades. However, now they have gained more significance, especially in the light of the recent developments. The ominous news that more than 200 cities all over the globe are facing acute water crisis and 10 cities may, in the near future, run out of water is indeed... Read More

Uncover The Secrets To Increasing Self Confidence in Your Teenager

The teen years are a critical phase in the life of your child when they are dealing with the pressures of puberty, peers, academic performance and preparation for the real world. As your child’s scope of life increases with new challenges and expectation, it is often accompanied by a diminishing sense of confidence and increasing uncertainty. Many parents also believe that a confident child grows into a confident adolescent. But this is far from the truth. Very often, as your teenager deals with the new unknowns of the teen years, there is an increased feeling of insecurity and anxiety. Insecure... Read More

The Art and Craft Of Watching Movies

Watching movies is not a chronic waste of time, as many parents are prone to believe, taking away from other more meaningful activities like reading or playing board games. Contrary to popular belief ‘Movies’ are more than simply entertainment bringing zero value to the table. Watching movies can be a meaningful literary activity, honing emotions and developing inner values like empathy, courage, kindness and resourcefulness in our kids. The trick lies not so much in WHAT you watch but rather in HOW you watch it. The Benefits of watching movies I believe, are myriad Language building: For children who, let’s... Read More