Yeh Dil Maange More….


VIBGYOR High Marathahalli gave us a fantastic opportunity to host one of the Dutch students for one week. Initially even the thought of accepting a foreign student was a bit scary.

Concerns, concerns – Will she be comfortable, what will she eat, what if she feels home sick, and would we be good hosts? Eventually, we set all the worries aside and embraced the adventurous route. Nevertheless, it was rewarding.

Not just us as host family, I am sure each of the participants had a truly rewarding experience from this student exchange programme and it will have an everlasting long-term effect on their life. Friends, even brand new friends, make all the difference in the world, literally.

Meticulously planned and executed daily events for different interest groups by the school management and parents created a strong connection. We formed an inclusive family and had the sweetest of lifetime memories.

With satisfying our inquisitiveness about the foreign culture, languages, the food, weather and the endless conversations, the week just flew by.

The pleasant experience is difficult to encapsulate in words- truly overwhelming.

I firmly believe it’s off to a great start and not the end. Looking forward to it.

Yeh Dil Maange More….

M. Gupta

Father of Kanishka Gupta,VIII ‘B’

VIBGYOR High, Marathahalli

Playing the host


I strongly believe in the saying, ‘The only source of knowledge is experience’.

And the experience of hosting a faculty of another school from the other part of the globe was very enriching.

Initially I was overcome with apprehensions. Hosting a completely unknown guest, probably with varied interests, food choices, and speaking a different language was a hard nut to crack. But my hosting experience was wonderful. All my fears vanished the very first day when I realised how adjustable and adaptable Mr Menine is. My biggest worry was about food. But there was hardly any fuss from his end. He relished the Indian food without any complaint.

Through my interactions with the students, I realised that their culture has conditioned them to be open minded and open to new learning. There was hardly any problem faced by the host families. The students attended the classes with their buddies and learned about our customs and traditions. They were awestruck to see that we enter the temple barefoot. They enjoyed chanting of mantras, Bollywood dance and fireless cooking. Some of them even wore Indian dresses with bangles and bindi. 

The best part of the programme was the ease and comfort with which we learnt about each other’s culture and tradition.

Undoubtedly this was an incredible experience and an unforgettable one.

-Ms. Seema Kapoor
Secondary Co-ordinator
VIBGYOR High, Marathahalli