Joys of Reading


Have you walked through the hallowed halls of the school library and been captured by that magical sight? Have you walked through the school corridors, a book clutched in hand because you just cannot part with it? Do you consider books to be portals to unknown worlds?

Can you imagine the smell of a freshly printed book? Or the musty smell of an old library book? Have you borrowed a book from the school library, seen names written on it and wondered who these people were?

If yes, you are a book lover and we congratulate you. If not, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest joys! Waiting for the summer vacations so you can start on that pile of books you have accumulated on your bedroom shelf; discussing with friends who is your favourite character and arguing over who will survive and who won’t, swapping books, reading every article and Facebook post that has the word ‘books’ in them, introducing friends to new genres, being introduced to new authors…no list can adequately enumerate the joys of reading.

Apart from the sheer joy of buying a new book and exploring the world that a writer creates, reading provides some essential tools, which can help students learn skills for their day-to-day activities.
If you have trouble writing reports or essays, reading books is exactly what you need. It not only provides you with some superb plot points, character sketches and story flow, but also exposes you to different writing styles, vocabulary and story drivers. You can explore non-fiction to hone your skills in information gathering and research.
Another advantage of reading is the exposure you get without having to move from your place! It exposes you differing worldviews and points of views, and helps you gain new perspectives.

To all the book lovers, keep exploring, keep reading. To all the non-book lovers, take a trip down the school library more frequently. Think of it as a magical land, full of secrets and gifts, patiently waiting for you to unwrap and discover its secrets. It is one journey you will always remember.