New Hopes for the New Year 2018


With awards galore, the excellent results in each and every VIBGYOR school, the local, city, state and national level achievements of our young learners and the success of Viva 9, our inter school and college Sports and Cultural Fest, in 2017, the cup of life is full.

Having bid adieu to 2017 with a heart full of gratitude, I look forward to 2018 with a sense of renewed hopes and a firm focus on what lies ahead. It is certainly a pleasing thought that the next VHMUN (VIBGYOR High Model United Nations) is going to be held in Bengaluru. After 7 remarkable years, this premier event, which was earlier based in Mumbai, is now going to be the highlight of 2018 down south in the garden city of India. Much has to be imbibed by our team in Bengaluru which is in charge of organising the conference. Certainly a time of immense change and an opportunity for avid MUNers there to participate in one of the most prestigious and much awaited MUNs in the country.

Meanwhile, the flagship school of the new VIBGYOR Roots and Rise chain of niche schools offering the CBSE curriculum became functional in the academic year beginning in 2017. Situated in Malad, the school has received a very good response from parents. I am overwhelmed. Our newest VIBGYOR High in Kharghar too has created waves and has become the most preferred school in the area in its very first year. I look forward to it becoming an established entity.

The VIBGYOR Group has always been in the forefront of innovation in the educational sphere, a leading chain of schools, spread over 4 states in India, spearheading the needful overhauling required in the world today and specifically our nation. Our new initiatives are being implemented and quite a few changes are on the anvil.

With these uplifting thoughts propelling me to work towards the enhancement of the students’ academic and overall welfare, I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year 2018…!