Television – Boon or Bane


Television is an ocean of entertainment, knowledge and information, but many people think that it is an idiot box and that watching T.V. is simply wastage of time. I think if properly used it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Television is one of the best sources of entertainment. It provides us variety of entertainment such as daily soaps, reality shows etc. Television viewing adds information and knowledge to our lives. It is the best way of getting rapid news which can be transmitted in a moment. There are many news channels which provide news about current affairs, sports, and movies. There are channels like Discovery, Nat Geo and History T.V. 18 which enhance our knowledge regarding science, technology and wild life. Channels like Fashion T.V. inspire people and influence their lifestyle. Many programmes improve our skills like cooking, speaking, acting and dancing. In a nut shell, it impacts our overall personality. It is also a means to showcase the talent of common people.

On the other hand, many people call it an idiot box because it hampers our ability to think and argue. It is also blamed of reducing our creativity and some people say that it compromises reading and writing abilities also. However these side effects are associated with excessive T.V. watching. Many programmes spread violence and hatred among people. It is also killing family values. It makes people idle and is also turning them into couch potatoes. Many health issues like headache, sleeplessness, eye sight problems and obesity are caused by excessive watching of T.V. It also affects behaviour of youngsters in a negative way making them aggressive and less tolerant.

To conclude, I would like to say that television is one of the best useful inventions of all time. It is up to us how we can extract the best out of it. Many of the ill effects are associated with excessive T.V. watching. Negative behavioural changes can be stopped by selecting appropriate programmes and through the supervision of parents.


Aarush Mishra

Grade – 5

VIBGYOR High, Lucknow