Innovative Formative Assessments at VIBGYOR


Formative Assessments are conducted in all schools worldwide to gain an understanding of the learners’ progress over the academic year. They also enable teachers to implement their classroom methodologies and strategies better. These assessments can be both quantitative as well as qualitative. We are also highly concerned about creating and supporting a culture of mindfulness and community service through some of our innovative formative appraisal endeavours.

Here are some examples of quantitative assessments:

  1. Cyclic/Scheduled Timed Tests with MCQs, Objective Questions from the Textbooks
  2. Subjective Questions based on the Textual Portion
  3. Vivas based on the syllabus content

These are a few types of qualitative assessments:

  1. Class Discussions and Debates
  2. PPT Presentations and Paper Readings
  3. Enactment, Audio Visual Performances, Listening and Speaking Tests
  4. Individual and Class Projects

At VIBGYOR High we have a healthy mix of both qualitative and quantitative assessments so as to estimate the holistic development of the learners and gain a perceptive overview of their progress.

  • We have creative writing tests where learners respond to interesting and exciting narrative and descriptive topics and write their compositions giving free rein to their thoughts.
  • Persuasive and argumentative topics hone their skills of discussion and negotiation.
  • Comprehension passages are carefully selected, keeping the learners’ interests and world view in mind when devising the questions based on the prose passages, drama extracts and poems chosen.
  • Pictures and images are given and learners are exhorted to reply to thought provoking questions or write entire essays.
  • Some exceptional assessments based on subjects like Art give our talented artists myriad opportunities to exercise their imagination and intelligence.
  • Case studies are a part of some of the tests which challenge the thinking and problem solving skills of our young learners.
  • The individual and class projects focus on a number of activities: newspaper /plastic collection and recycling; data collection through surveys and interviews; exchange of handmade gifts among classmates to strengthen ties; learning to conduct a business through actual setting up of small businesses (like food and game stalls) in the school premises on special days; and many more.

At VIBGYOR High, our learners are our world and we show them glimpses of the world through these Formative Assessments. In time, they are ready to face and overcome the challenges of the world!