5 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment


A Happy Workplace is a Healthy Workplace

It is said that one’s workplace is one’s second home. Nowadays, it has become the first home for many employees around the world. In this changing scenario, making your workplace environment a happy and healthy one is very important. Apart from comfortable cabins and workstations with all the requisite amenities, there are other aspects too to consider. Here are 5 ways in which you can make your workplace an oasis of harmony, purposefulness and fulfillment.

Meet and Greet your Team

Respect your colleagues on a personal as well as professional front. Have meaningful conversations with them. Ask them what they think about topics related to work and if you are in a managerial position, provide a feeling that everyone matters. Most of all, smile. A smile can brighten up the dreariest and most stressful of days. So, smile from your heart and see how the positive vibes that you emanate uplift others’ moods too.

Praise and Recognition

Show that you care by complimenting your colleagues – for meeting deadlines, completing tasks, for making things easier for you, for helping out. At times even small compliments about attire and outlook can make a big difference. As a team leader, give credit where it is due. Look out for reasons to confer honours and awards for specific projects executed and implemented well – an ‘Employee of the Month’ citation, or a token of appreciation, or a flower/chocolate/cake or complimentary tickets and coupons.

Trust and Ownership

Communicate matters to the entire team verbally or through emails. Transparency can reduce needless confusion and negativity. Additionally, it can also act as a barrier to the gossip mills running overtime in most organisations where secrecy is the norm. If you are the boss, refrain from micro management. This will make the employees feel more confident. Empower your employees by entrusting them with responsibilities. Giving a sense of ownership can boost their productivity and commitment.

Practise the Pause

Mindfulness is the new mantra. Take time out of your busy schedule during working days to pause for a few minutes every day and reflect and introspect, or just connect with yourself. Make it a regular habit to set a 3 to 5 minute ‘Me’ time for yourself at least twice in your regular workday routine. These precious minutes can be spent on meditating or just doing some breathing exercises. Be mindful about oneself. Follow this routine diligently.

Clutter Free is Stress Free

A messy desk or cabin with files and papers and stationery spread all around looks unpleasant and generates a feeling of discomfort. On the contrary, a spic and span office gives a powerful message of positivity and productivity. If you are going to spend the better part of your day at work, then a clean, organised and inviting environment will create a good impression on colleagues, bosses, team members, clients and guests. Get rid of all the clutter periodically, decorate your desk artistically (not flashily) and use subtle natural air fresheners for a ‘feel good’ effect.

Work matters. Let us make our workplace matter.