The world in a classroom at VIBGYOR Kids!



Getting to know the world better is the key to overall development of the child. Global awareness at an early age is the perfect way to introduce kids into a realm beyond their homeland, giving a glimpse of other cultures, habits and traditions. After all, most of us have always aspired to visit other countries; and understanding their cultural nuances is the best way to test the waters and try and figure out the world a little more. At VIBGYOR High Group of Schools, we believe that curiosity deserves to be nurtured and honed to drive students ahead in life. Learning more about the world we live in is one such small step.

‘World Fiesta’ is one of the events of VIBGYOR Kids that focuses on the holistic development of students. The event is designed to present the culmination of the students’ study about different countries of the world, their significance, food and culture in a fun-filled manner. Students demonstrated their skills through poem recitation and dance performances depicting cultures, attire and lifestyle of different countries like India, Japan, Mexico, to name a few. Parents too participated in the preparation of dummy models, highlighting the facts and specialties of different countries that were displayed at the event.

Over 500 students across VIBGYOR schools participated in the event which also saw active participation of many parents.

Senior Kindergarten students from VIBGYOR Kids Lucknow, Kolhapur, Borivali and Airoli – came up with a beautiful representation of ‘Countries of the World’. VIBGYOR Kids, the pre-primary section of VIBGYOR High Group of Schools, organised World Fiesta in the school premises for their students and parents. The event marked the culmination of the students’ study about different countries of the world, their significance, food and culture and was replete with fun-filled engaging activities involving parents.

Children also got a chance to host a round of quiz for their parents. Food stalls with cuisines from different regions such as India, Japan, France, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia were set up. The fund collected through the food sale was further donated to an NGO.

VIBGYOR Kids saw the world come together in their school as they took a peek into a plethora of varied cultures. Principals across various branches shared their view on the event:

Mr. T. Balan, Principal, VIBGYOR Kids, Kolhapur said, “At VIBGYOR Kids, our students get multiple platforms to demonstrate their learning in a fun-filled manner. This not only helps to embed concepts in the minds of children but also build their personality and confidence.”

Ms. Rashmi Singh, Principal, VIBGYOR Kids, Lucknow highlighted the importance of having fun-filled activities to ensure holistic development. She said, “At VIBGYOR Kids, our teaching methodology allows children not only to learn but also enjoy, engage and interact with their peers and parents through various fun-filled activities. We are also thankful to parents for motivating our students with their participation.”

Ms. Diana Isabelle, Principal, VIBGYOR Kids, Borivali said, “At VIBGYOR Kids, we encourage children to discover the fun of learning in attractive, colourful and enriching learning environment. World Fiesta is one such attempt that allows children to strengthen their classroom learning through fascinating activities.”

Mr. Kishore Iyengar, Principal, VIBGYOR Kids, Airoli elaborated on the World Fiesta saying, “At VIBGYOR Kids, we provide our students an exposure to develop their skills at a very young age. We also consider our parents as key partners in the growth and development of our students. Such events allow our children not only to strengthen their concepts learnt in class but also showcase their learning to their parents. I am glad to see the enthusiasm shown by our students as well as parents.