Dot—Distillation of Thoughts


The first step towards manifestation of your intention is to distil your random thoughts.Thoughts which are aligned towards a common outcome are said to be coherent.They have much more energy than the thoughts which contradict each other. Manifestation requires energy.

Thoughts which focus upon negative outcomes deplete your vital brain energy.They are a waste of precious time and energy. How to alter these random thoughts and get used to coherent thinking? By being aware of them.

The process through which we nurture thoughts that facilitate manifestation is known as DOT technique.

Exercise 1) Is it what you really want?

For eg: If you say- I want a promotion. THINK.

Is it a promotion you want? An increment? Or more opportunities? More devotion? More challenges? More responsibilities? The more clarity you have about what you want, the easier it is to manifest.

Exercise 2) Let your thoughts run loose for about 15 minutes. After that write down as many thoughts as you remember. Some thoughts may be cancelling or contradicting each other. Some may be doubtful or fearful.

Exercise 3) Sleeping with the intent- The subconscious mind is bigger and more powerful. It has a huge resource available to it. At times you wake up with a powerful solution that seems to come from out of the box.