VIBGYOR Group of Schools Celebrating 100% Results in Class 10 Exams



After long days of anxiety and anticipation, the results for the Class 10 Examinations for the academic year 2016-17 were finally declared, revealing excellent scores by each of our VIBGYOR students!

As the students from across all VIBGYOR schools crossed this academic milestone with flying colours, the bar was raised another notch by their exceptional scores! Out of 112 students who appeared for CBSE 10th exam, as many as 25 students have obtained a 10 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) score.

Isha Mehul Deliwala from VIBGYOR High, Goregaon, was the topper in ICSE with an overall result of 98.8% and perfect scores in Maths, Economics, and Physical Education, followed by Aditi Yatin Patel with 98.6%, and Dakshh Rajendra Saraf with 98.4%.

All 3 scoring 8A* our top scorers in IGCSE were Sejal Shah with 96.25% and Prashant Wason with 94.62% from VIBGYOR High, NIBM, and Mohana Marathe from VIBGYOR High, Goregaon, with 93.75%.

Several VIBGYOR students were also featured in various news pieces, including coverage by Times of India, DNA India, Mid-Day, Mumbai Samachar, and Nyoooz! Isha Deliwala was featured by Times of India, Mumbai and DNA India for achieving top scores without any extra coaching. “I received a lot of help from my school and family. The biggest credit goes to my teachers as I didn’t take any tuition,” she said. An article by Mid-Day on toppers’ advice for cracking the board exams included a piece on our VIBGYORite, Sanjana Patil, who appeared for an exam with an IV drip after overstressing left her dehydrated and nauseous. “There’s no point in taking unnecessary stress. It’s important to regularly prepare and relax as much as you can in the last minute,” she said.

Each and every VIBGYOR student who appeared for the Class 10 examinations this year has put in tremendous amount of hard work to reach their goals, and persevered through one of the most rigorous academic years of their lives. Of course, this would not have been possible without the able support and dedication of our teaching staff as well!

Dr. Bruce Robinson, the Director of Academics at VIBGYOR said, “Our students have indeed put up an impressive performance with their outstanding results this year. It is sheer testimony to the fact that VIBGYOR Group of Schools continues to invest in the development of young minds, and the future of our nation. We are proud of our faculty who have been instrumental in establishing a high standard of academic excellence and upholding the success rate constantly over the years.”

It’s now time for these VIBGYORites to focus on their career path and decide on a field of study. Wishing them all the very best and congratulations once again for their excellent results!