A Game Online: A Threat in the Real World


Online games have become quite the rage now. Millions of youngsters, especially teenagers are getting addicted and consequently becoming more and more isolated and aloof from reality.

Recently, as you all must be aware, a game or rather a social media phenomenon known as the Blue Whale or the Blue Whale Challenge has been in the news. Governments and police in many countries have been investigating to gather proof of its links to many cases of teenage suicides. A boy in Mumbai and another in Kerala have been the latest victims. This game has been so devised by its Russian creator that 50 tasks have to be performed in 50 days and photos posted online as proof of completion. Each task is worse than the other and the final challenge is to say goodbye to the world…i.e. commit suicide.

Parents have been warned of the dangers of their children falling victims to this game. Teenagers who are isolated from family and friends and have lost a sense of connect with the world are easy targets. Once caught in the trap, they cannot opt out. Threats of grievous harm to the players and their families prevent gamers from leaving the game before it ends. Watching horror movies and self cutting are among the vile acts that are part of the different levels of this vicious game.

How to identify the victims:

I strongly advise parents to watch out for many or all of these tell tale signs such as a teenager spending too much time isolated and away from company, playing online games excessively, using the internet continuously, being non communicative and secretive, not participating in celebrations and happenings at home, lack of interest in studies, dropping grades, keeping away from outdoor games and trips, mood swings, change in behaviour and habits, irritability…

Parents on the alert:

Parents have an important role to play. It isn’t really easy to wean teenagers away from a game which has an almost hypnotic effect. Warnings, arguments and stern measures such as not talking to the child or cutting off pocket money or grounding her/him could produce a counter effect and may actually see the child rebelling or becoming even more drawn to the game.

How to help:

Approach the issue sensitively, talk to the child, find out which level has been reached, reason it out, have more ‘together’ family time, involve a trained and experienced counsellor for additional support, reassure the child that the entire family is with her/him, some yoga and meditation sessions too might alleviate the matter and once the child’s confidence is gained, approach people (doctors, lawyers, police) who can help.

It may not always be an addiction to the Blue Whale game that may keep children distanced from family and friends. However, there is no substitute for vigilance! It is imperative for the well being of our children.

Students’ Shenanigans


Kavita SahayA school is a mini world by itself and could be the setting of a daily soap opera. I mean, here you will find friendship, drama, comedy, enthusiasm, competitiveness, innovation, ideas… and the list is endless.

All teachers will have their own collection of anecdotes. These are almost mini sagas; while some of them are quite uplifting, others may bring tears in your eyes, yet others may induce uncontrollable laughter.

I still remember the day, a few years back, when one young freshly appointed teacher entered his class to wish his students a good morning. They responded politely. There was a moment of complete silence after which the roomful of teenagers proceeded to create such a ruckus that they could have well resembled a crowd of overexcited frenzied football fans watching a match in a stadium. Ties were removed and thrown away, each one was bellowing to the loudest tone possible, tables were pushed aside and chairs upturned…some books were ignominiously scattered all over the place, leaving the new recruit totally flabbergasted. Alarmed, he fled the scene.

Another colleague told me how a student was so fascinated with the periscope he had newly made in the preceding Physics period that throughout her one hour Geography class he viewed her through it. However, surprisingly, he answered all the questions which she asked him at the end.

In my early days as a teacher, once I had called my students to the school auditorium to rehearse for a choral recitation competition. Much to my exasperation, students sauntered onto the stage at their own sweet pace, each one more reluctant than the other. When the poem was finally recited, it was done in complete silence! While the mouths and lips of the performers were moving, there was absolutely no sound and not a single word could be heard. I realised that no one was actually reciting the poem because no one had learnt it! Each student had thought that she/he would just pretend and lip sync while the others would recite the poem! I don’t know who was more shocked, the students or me!

Such incidences certainly make school an exciting place. The only reward a teacher looks forward to is that special bond which develops between the students and her. Our assessments happen in our classrooms every day. That is what makes it so unique. That is what keeps us going.

VIBGYOR High – The Most Admired C.B.S.E. School in Lucknow


VIBGYOR Group of Schools has always functioned on the solid belief that education cannot be restricted to classroom learning through conventional methodologies. This is why every VIBGYOR school has implemented a system which goes beyond set curriculum, and focuses on developing every student’s skills and abilities. The aim is to impart knowledge in a way that it can translate to practical application, or further understanding of various concepts as students make their way up the academic ladder.

On 21 July, 2017, VIBGYOR High, Lucknow, was recognised as “The Most Admired C.B.S.E. School for Quality Education“, and received the award at the Rising Leadership Awards 2017. The memorable event was held at Hard Rock Hotel, Goa, with acclaimed actress Karisma Kapoor as the Chief Guest. VIBGYOR High Lucknow was represented by the school’s esteemed principal, Ms. Rashmi Singh. “It is indeed a moment of great pride and honour to see VIBGYOR High – Lucknow, being recognised for its services in education and being awarded ‘The Rising Leadership Award – The Most Admired CBSE School for Quality Education’ within a short span of 6 years. Under the guidance of visionary leaders and the perseverance of the team, we continue to make an effort to enhance the quality of our services so as to help prepare our students to face the challenges of the dynamically changing world,” she said.

This award recognises the school’s efforts towards providing quality education to children through an inclusive learning system, and the presence of high-end facilities to further the students’ abilities in their respective fields of interest. At VIBGYOR, the teaching methodology implements a system of  experiential learning in the classrooms, with qualified teachers providing individual attention and guiding every single student towards reaching their goals. Furthermore, the presence of  V-QUEST (VIBGYOR – Quality Enrichment Support for Teaching) team ensures that quality of teaching is constantly monitored and elevated. With periodic reviews from an in-house academic team, the curriculum is specially scripted and developed to equip students with skills necessary to deal with challenges of the 21st century, and a globalised community.

It is an honour for VIBGYOR High, Lucknow, to be commended for the steps taken to provide reliable and high quality education. We thank you all for being a part of this journey, and for your contribution towards this landmark achievement.

The 21st Century Student


Kavita Sahay Rapidly changing times, a generation of dynamic youth exposed to a wealth of information, and parents wondering about the legacy their children will inherit.

The future will be drastically different from what it is now and equipping our children with the right survival skills is crucial. The world today is dominated by a few factors that require observation and understanding. Climate change is now an undeniable reality. Technology, with its rate of progress, will eliminate many current applications.

So, what are the pre requisites to be successful in the future? What should the children imbibe to become inheritors of an idyllic world?

Most importantly, emotional intelligence and creativity will go a long way to make our children resilient. Add to that a passion to excel in one’s chosen field. Keeping the ear to the ground, developing an open minded approach, seizing opportunities that come along, also, a willingness to be a lifelong learner.

For young people, thinking of themselves as a work in progress, as continuing on their journey to excellence, is a fantastic attitude to cultivate. It keeps one feeling young and fresh and raring to go.

To be close to nature and aware of issues is also imperative. This sensitivity led a 16 year old girl from Bengaluru to develop an app to monitor water pollution in lakes. She not only won awards and accolades for her work but a minor planet in the Milky Way is going to be named after her.

Let us inspire our children to think positively for the present and the future.
Let us tell them:
Dream and keep dreaming…keep adding to your dreams…let them soar as high as your imagination can take you. Work to achieve your dreams. And then you will be one among the stars.