Dot—Distillation of Thoughts

The first step towards manifestation of your intention is to distil your random thoughts.Thoughts which are aligned towards a common outcome are said to be coherent.They have much more energy than the thoughts which contradict each other. Manifestation requires energy. Thoughts which focus upon negative outcomes deplete your vital brain energy.They are a waste of precious time and energy. How to alter these random thoughts and get used to coherent thinking? By being aware of them. The process through which we nurture thoughts that facilitate manifestation is known as DOT technique. Exercise 1) Is it what you really want? For... Read More

“My son doesn’t wear a label, he owns it.”

When I embarked on this journey of becoming a special educator, it was because of my son. Early on I realised he was slightly different from others, even his own brother. His differences were not so apparent in the early years where academics is not a focus but as soon as he hit grade two and his grades started dropping I figured something was “non normal”. That he needed to be handled differently was evident and once I got on board with who he was instead of who I wanted him to be, I began to set his goals accordingly.... Read More

The Power of Pinkathon

How many of us are aware of the fight that multitudes of women have to prepare for every year? The fight for life, for freedom, for being an empowered, healthy individual – this is a battle that’s estimated to involve over 1797900 Indian women by the year 2020 against a single, looming threat – Breast Cancer. This illness is the most common cancer among women all across the world, and the leading cause of death among those afflicted by it in our country. It’s time for all of us to come together, break through the stigma that surrounds it, spread awareness,... Read More

The Dutch Experience

With my passport to new beginnings in hand, and my school friends, Principal and teacher by my side, I set off on what would be one of the most priceless expeditions of my student life at VIBGYOR. One filled with the awe of adventure: the palpable eagerness to board the flight and fly away, for the first time without the protective shadow of my parents; yet, an undercurrent of nervousness crept up my spine and gave me chills, for the very same reason. Fighting my fears, I took my first step on that plane, because travel begins outside your comfort... Read More

Moves of the Champions

VIBGYOR High, Haralur road, hosted a Rapid Chess tournament for the first time, to provide a platform for students to improve on logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving. Students in the age group of 6 to 16 years participated in this mega event held on 28 October, 2017 in the school from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. It all started when Master Prithvi Rajan an enthusiastic, international chess player of our tenth grade had a dazzling idea of conducting a tournament for the school children. He has participated in numerous national and international chess tournaments and wanted to provide... Read More

Mr. Rustom Kerawalla Awarded for Contribution to the Education Sector

Over the last 13 years, VIBGYOR Group of Schools has stayed committed to its focus on holistic development and learning which is not confined to a single sphere of interest, but encompasses multiple fields to empower students to shape the future and become global citizens. Through a myriad of national and international events, exposure to different methods of thinking, and innovative practices in learning, VIBGYOR has been providing education that’s not only of premium quality, but also accessible all over the country. VIBGYOR’s journey towards educational excellence began with the vision and drive of the Founder-Chairman, Mr. Rustom Kerawalla. The... Read More