Mr. Rustom Kerawalla Awarded for Contribution to the Education Sector


Over the last 13 years, VIBGYOR Group of Schools has stayed committed to its focus on holistic development and learning which is not confined to a single sphere of interest, but encompasses multiple fields to empower students to shape the future and become global citizens. Through a myriad of national and international events, exposure to different methods of thinking, and innovative practices in learning, VIBGYOR has been providing education that’s not only of premium quality, but also accessible all over the country.

VIBGYOR’s journey towards educational excellence began with the vision and drive of the Founder-Chairman, Mr. Rustom Kerawalla. The inclusive learning experience present at VIBGYOR today arose from his dedication to coming up with an educational model that focuses on all the aspects which contribute to a child’s overall development, and not just conventional knowledge gaining. He led a team of experts to come up with a learning methodology which links various subjects together, and forms an interdisciplinary model of education. Through this approach, Mr. Kerawalla and his team gave focus to classroom curriculum integrated with technology and hands-on learning, sports and performing arts, various experiential programmes, with attention given to the inherent skill sets every student possesses.

But Mr. Kerawalla did not stop there. He began to realise that every parent looks for a school which offers more than just learning.  This led to the implementation of a safe and comfortable environment for the children to grow which included state-of-the-art security system with CCTV cameras and a screening process for visitors. The teachers playing the role of counselors for every child that requires help in any field, whether it’s related to their academics, or their personal and social life. He also placed importance on including facilities that would help children with learning disabilities or special needs, thereby expanding the focus of the school to make Quality Education accessible for all.

Through his dedication towards understanding every aspect that constitutes a reliable and constantly developing educational model, and with the contributions of parents, teachers, and students who realised the potential of the endeavour, VIBGYOR has now expanded into a chain of schools, all focused on innovative learning, and harnessing every student’s true potential.

These methodologies propagated by the VIBGYOR Founder Chairman were honoured at the 10th Edition Award Ceremony of Digital Learning – Elets World Education Summit, held at Le Meridien, New Delhi, when Mr. Rustom Kerawalla was recognised with the Edupreneur Award for his novel approach to education!

The World Education Summit is an influential platform which brings together decision makers, progressive thinkers, and experts from around the world who share a passion to bring about a change in education. The 10th Award Ceremony was held to highlight and commemorate the organisations and individuals who have propagated ingenious and sustainable models of learning in the education field.