The Power of Pinkathon

How many of us are aware of the fight that multitudes of women have to prepare for every year? The fight for life, for freedom, for being an empowered, healthy individual – this is a battle that’s estimated to involve over 1797900 Indian women by the year 2020 against a single, looming threat – Breast Cancer. This illness is the most common cancer among women all across the world, and the leading cause of death among those afflicted by it in our country. It’s time for all of us to come together, break through the stigma that surrounds it, spread awareness,... Read More

Annual Sports Day with a cause celebrated at VIBGYOR High School, Kolhapur

VIBGYOR High School, Kolhapur integrated their Annual Sports Day celebrations with a cause of supporting the mentally challenged students from Swayam School in Kolhapur. Mr. Vishwas Nangre Patil, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) and Kolhapur District Collector, Dr. Amit Saini were present as the Chief Guests at the event. Mr. Vishwas Nangre Patil presented a cheque of Rs. 30,000, on behalf of VIBGYOR High to Mr. Pramod Bhise, Principal and Mrs. Sadhana Ghatage, Secretary & Treasurer of Swayam School. In the inauguration ceremony of the sports day, held in the school premises, students from the NGO were invited to... Read More

Interschool Swimming Competition Organised On The Occasion Of National Sports Day Celebration at VIBGYOR High – Airoli

National Sports Day is celebrated across the nation on the occasion of Major Dhyan Chand’s birthday and VIBGYOR High made sure that sports forms the focal point of the day. VIBGYOR High School, Airoli, organised an Inter-school Swimming Competition, to commemorate the National Sports Day and promote swimming as a competitive sport amongst students. The event was held in the school premises on 29 August 2016. 150 students came together to participate in the competition, displaying their swimming skills in varied styles - Free Style, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke and Butterfly Stroke. The competition was held across 4 age categories,... Read More

Because dads mean more

Numerous studies have indicated that fathers play an important role in a child's development, right from birth through adulthood. These studies indicate that involved fathers help children tremendously, like better language skills and lesser behavioural problems. Father involvement also leads to emotional and intellectual growth of the children. We hear about a mother’s role in the upbringing of the child but a father’s role is equally important. A father brings unique contributions to parenting that no one else can replicate. Fathers communicate and parent differently from mothers and children need both brands of parenting to grow up as well-adjusted adults.... Read More

VIBGYOR High School, Goregaon, celebrates double victory in the Don Bosco Inter School Basketball Tournament 2015

U-11 Boys and U-13 Girls Basketball teams of VIBGYOR High School, Goregaon, achieved remarkable success in the 2nd Don Bosco Inter-School Basketball tournament 2015 held on October 28, 2015. This is the second year of the tournament, which was organized by Don Bosco School, Matunga at its school premises. The U-11 Boys team of VIBGYOR High School, Goregaon, won with an outstanding score of 31-19 against the Don Bosco Matunga School. Star player Arjav Shah, student of VIBGYOR High, was awarded the Best Player Trophy to appreciate his commendable performance in the tournament. Adding to the list of achievements of... Read More

Creating reflexive and critical thinkers of tomorrow

By Ms. Kavita Sahay – Director, Schools and Academics, VIBGYOR High Group of Schools

Today, meaningful, useful education is something all students need regardless of the career choices they will eventually make. Learning for the child takes place in many ways and the curriculum accords equal importance to what a child learns and the process by which he or she learns it. The curriculum recognizes that the child should be an active agent in his or her own learning and that the child’s existing knowledge and environmental experience should be the starting point for new knowledge. When children are accorded a positive school experience which includes development of their literacy, numeracy and communication skills,... Read More